Get into the spirit of the altiplano.


CONNECT with your curiosity, with the deepest sense of exploration that resides in you. Delve in and reveal its inhabitants, their stories; understands their deep-rooted traditions and values. In this region where the Cosmovision shapes harmony and coexistence as a way of life, what lessons await your discovery? Take a broader perspective. Before capturing any images with your camera, you should look closely and listen carefully. It is necessary that you align your spirit with your vision, to merge with the environment that surrounds you.

EXPLORE the world and expand your perception. He uses photography as a means of discovery, a link for exchange. Acquire the ability to discern beyond the obvious and to capture your individual interpretation. By engaging with the narratives of the people you meet, you will be able to capture the world from a new perspective. Your goal will fit a fresh approach, and the content you will produce will reflect a fresh vision, out of your comfort zone.

LIVE an immersive experience through all your senses. Allow yourself to be inspired by the captivating colors, amazing flavors and extraordinary narratives of the Altiplano. Immerse yourself in syncretism as you explore the surreal forms of the Andes. Listen to the wind, contemplate beyond the infinite horizons of the salt desert. Absorb the energy of the Altiplano and fully enjoy the process of capturing your personal voice, like a visual storyteller.

August 25 - September 05

The Altiplano or La Puna Argentina ·

The only annual workshop will take place in August 2024, in the fascinating Argentine Northwest (NOA). After spending a night in Buenos Aires where I wait for them at the Ezeiza international airport, the participants will fly to La Rioja, in the center west of the country. Beginning an adventure in ascent both experiences and height. The places to visit are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, homes of the Quechua and Aymara peoples and the cradle of the gaucho culture. Blessed with breathtaking natural beauty and astounding cultural richness, this region is the ideal playground for self-discovery, photographic exploration, and visual creation.


Designed with my experience after several years, for a maximum of 9 participants, the workshop was created to nurture their creativity and their connection with photography and nature. Participants will receive direct, individualized instruction based on their experience level, style, and narrative approach. Throughout the journey, they will learn how to shape a cohesive body of work and express their inner voice. Each participant will enjoy individual solo shooting and participate in enriching classes and group reviews. At the end of the workshop, each attendee will comment on their work and experience.


When I first visited the Argentine highlands (LA PUNA), I immediately fell in love with the landscape and its people. Throughout our 7 years of traveling throughout Argentina, we have periodically returned to the valley, settling in each time for months. The magnetic energy of the Altiplano continues to call. Over time, we have produced a wide range of projects in the region, gaining extensive knowledge of Andean culture, as well as valuable access to the community. Throughout the workshop, participants will greatly benefit from Marco’s consolidated experience in the Quebrada.

parque nacional talampaya

1 Day. Participants will be greeted at Ezeiza Airport before boarding their next flight to La Rioja. Upon arrival in La Rioja, they will enjoy a relaxing break at a picturesque rural house, immersing themselves in the captivating landscape of La Rioja. Later in the afternoon, Humberto will personally welcome them at the workshop’s commencement, providing essential guidance to prepare for the upcoming experience on the following day.

Antofagasta de la sierra

2 Day. 2 days. The day will consist of a tour of the Catamarca Puna, during which we will visit emblematic places such as the pumice field and the neighboring volcanoes before arriving in Antofagasta de la Sierra where there will be an extension of creativity for beautiful photographs. There, Marcos and his wife, who are expert local cowboy guides, will warmly welcome us and introduce us to a traditional ceremony of the town, with just 40 inhabitants.

3 Day. In the morning, we will all meet to talk about our photography experiences and prepare for the next day of photography. At noon we will get to share an experience of gaucho food prepared by peasant enterprises in the area. Barbecue, horses, rodeos, music, traditional dances and magical landscapes will provide unlimited opportunities to end a visually perfect day.

4 Day. We will go to Las Salinas Grandes, a fascinating salt desert located in the heart of the Altiplano. We’ll make some captivating stops along the way.
“Devil’s Throat”, “Natural Amphitheater” and “The Obelisk”. Upon reaching a height of 4,170 meters, to the salt flats. Here we will have the opportunity to explore the surreal panoramic beauty of the salt desert. The play of light and shadow on the glistening salt crystals creates a supernatural atmosphere. To conclude the day, we will rest in the charming town of Purmamarca, where we can reflect on the wonders of the Altiplano and the incredible experiences of the day.

5 day. In the morning, we meet for an editing class, where you will receive more guidance and feedback on the experience. In the afternoon you will be able to visit the Camino de los Colorados in Purmamarca, to enjoy the joy of the golden hour on the hill of 7 colors and prepare for a magical night photo session with a beautiful talk with a local guide.

6 Day. We will establish our base in Tilcara, a enchanting town that reveres the culture and the historical exodus it commemorates. Here, we will partake in Pachamama ceremonies and gear up for various excursions in the region. One such adventure begins in the afternoon as we journey towards the “Inca Cave,” an oasis sculpted by ancient civilizations countless years ago. It’s a place where three mummies with unique characteristics, along with captivating cave paintings, were discovered.

7 day. We will take a tour with local guides where they will show different daily practices using ancient techniques and tools, such as the domestic use of llamas, we will climb a hill in the area to have a picnic around llamas. At night we will participate in a nutritious talk about the photographs, portraits and stories discussed in the previous days.

8 day. We will visit the town of Humahuaca, base of the largest ravine in Argentina, we will prepare for an ascent of 1300 meters in 20 kilometers, we will live a high altitude experience at sunset, to observe the imposing 14 colors of the Hornocal mountain range

9 day. We will take advantage of the day to visit two unmissable places, we will have lunch in one of the indigenous communities and we will head towards Uquia, for a walk between natural canyons and mountains with marked colors “Quebrada de las señoritas”, making a photographic experience of texture.

10 Day. To finish the experience we will have a day of review among all, analyzing our experiences, the photographs, the immersive material that we were able to control, accompanied by a farewell dinner before taking the flight to Buenos Aires and returning home.


    workshop cost

    The cost of the workshop includes: departure and arrival transfer Buenos Aires – La Rioja, Jujuy – Buenos Aires, daily activities and field trips, accommodation for 12 nights (10/NOA + 2/Buenos Aires), private transportation (4×4 ), breakfast and lunch, registration, guide and photo editing sessions, book review.


    The plane ticket to and from the destination (Argentina) is not included in the rate. Ticket prices may vary depending on time of purchase and departure location, and will be provided by our travel agent partner at the best value available.


    The workshop has been meticulously designed to provide a fully immersive experience for photography enthusiasts and visual storytellers, regardless of their skill level. Each participant will receive personalized guidance tailored to their unique level of experience.


    Participants are encouraged to bring their own photography equipment, regardless of the brand of their camera. Essential items to bring include a digital camera with interchangeable lenses (a single lens is acceptable), an external hard drive, and a laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed.


    Each participant is required to arrange their own travel insurance, covering aspects such as cancellation, medical, and legal contingencies. It is essential to secure this insurance in advance within your country of residence. We highly recommend considering providers like Europ Assistance or similar travel insurance companies for comprehensive coverage.